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As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. A can provide the following services:

Annual Wellness Exams

PAP smears, including IUD removals, and adult annual physical exams.

Non-pharmaceutical Support

Botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, nutritional counseling, flower essences, optimizing diet and lifestyle.


Supervised detoxification from environmental exposures, heavy metals, mold, or generalized "liver detoxification" support.

Laboratory Testing

Basic annual blood work as well as specialty lab testing, including Lyme, mold, food sensitivities, comprehensive stool analysis, hormone panels, neurotransmitter panels, OAT test, and more.


Including Maya Abdominal Massage and Pelvic Floor Therapy


When absolutely necessary, sometimes we need a medication to be able to support the healing process. Because Naturopathic Doctors are considered specialists in the state of Maine, there are some medications we cannot prescribe. Please reach out if you have specific needs or inquires about this. 

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